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A Closer Look

spot on minds. We’re a leading boutique international talent search consultancy that’s helping shape the luxury industry today.

Never ordinary. Our approach to executive search starts with deep immersion and understanding of our clients’ culture and environment. We focus on their distinctive needs. And we pride ourselves on going off the beaten track to find the most valuable talent. Constantly screening the market locally and worldwide for candidates who go beyond the realms of their remit.

Respected for our honesty and genuine dedication. Our made-to-measure approach has helped us build strong, long-term relationships and a solid, successful reputation with local and global luxury.

Mastering The Perfect Fit

Identifying outstanding candidates with the requisite professional and cultural fit. That is spot on minds’ expertise.

Seamless compatibility and team performance. Consistent innovation and brand resonance in the luxury business. Whatever our client’s desire, we find the right talent to deliver it – extremely capable candidates who are equipped with the passion, ambition and resilience to succeed.

In bespoke recruitment and talent search, our proven credentials speak for themselves.

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  • Extensive global network of contacts in the luxury fashion, jewellery, watches, beauty and automotive
  • Experience, knowledge and understanding of the luxury industry with a solid international track record in EMEA, Asia and the Americas
  • A multi-lingual, enthusiastic and extremely well-connected team of consultants, researchers and industry experts
  • Sincere commitment and transparency in building long-term, mutually successful partnerships
  • Innovative executive search techniques, in-depth screening analysis and empathetic listening to ensure effective results for ambitious projects

Talent Search Artisans

We take a meticulous level of care over every detail. For us, excellence and professionalism is a state of mind.

With our sights set high, we devise solutions that are proven to be both heartfelt and results-driven. Where we pay customised attention to individual needs and achieve outstanding results.

spot on minds sees executive search and talent management as a timeless craft. We foster innovation, connections and proactivity within teams and organisations. And we stay in permanent contact with our candidates and clients – keeping them up to date with each stage of the selection process.

Happy Growth

We love to see our clients becoming more desirable and successful.

We harness our passion to create great teams and individuals who will drive effortless business growth. Help our luxury partners build organisations that support self-expression and promote a sense of humanity.

Above all, we want people to see their work as an inspiring and enjoyable complement of a great life.

Spot On Minds

We bring together the brightest minds and companies for seamless compatibility that enhances team performance.

Ensuring consistent innovation and high brand resonance to shape the international business of luxury, with brilliance.

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