Spot On Minds

Mastering The Perfect Fit

Identifying outstanding candidates with the requisite professional and cultural fit. That is spot on minds’ expertise.

Seamless compatibility and team performance. Consistent innovation and brand resonance in the luxury business. Whatever our client’s desire, we find the right talent to deliver it – extremely capable candidates who are equipped with the passion, ambition and resilience to succeed.

In bespoke recruitment and talent search, our proven credentials speak for themselves:

  • Extensive global network of contacts in the luxury fashion, jewellery, watches, beauty and automotive
  • Experience, knowledge and understanding of the luxury industry with a solid international track record in EMEA, Asia and the Americas
  • A multi-lingual, enthusiastic and extremely well-connected team of consultants, researchers and industry experts
  • Sincere commitment and transparency in building long-term, mutually successful partnerships
  • Innovative executive search techniques, in-depth screening analysis and empathetic listening to ensure effective results for ambitious projects

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